Committed to the wrong branch?

Recently, an incident happened with me in the office. I created two branches for fixing two bugs, say bug1 and bug2. But instead of fixing the bugs in the respective branches, I fixed them in the same branch bug1.



When we work on big projects we are always taught to avoid directly pushing our code in the master branch. And if something like this happens, it is obvious that we will panic.

But you should know that you can fix everything up very easily. You just have to trust yourself and know what you are going to do next.

A lot of times I have faced this issue. When one person pushes the changes in the master branch by mistake and his/her friends try to help fix things. But instead of helping, they end up making it worse…

Also, what is Script scope in Chrome?

This time, I am writing about a very common topic but still, I have seen people who don’t know about this. So, I am just trying to be helpful for the community.

A lot of people use the browser’s debugging tools which is great. We should, of course, use them. But the concern here is if you are using them, you should know certain things that you are wrong about.

Okay, let me be a little more clear. While development, we all know that the code changes very frequently throughout the application. Sometimes, we add debugging points (breakpoints) at some…

I was talking to a friend today and I just happened to ask a very common but tricky question as a challenge. He gave me the answer to the problem but in return, we were left with a new problem…

a = 1;
a = a++;

Why is 2 expected?

Let’s do it step by step (by the way the answer is 1 for C, C++, Java, JavaScript and other languages also that support postfix operators).

Step 1: a = 1;

Here 1 is assigned to a. This part is very clear.

Step 2: a = a++;

So many times I have had doubts regarding some problem and I go to StackOverflow for finding their solutions. Since I am more into JavaScript than any other programming language these days, I started noticing one thing. People, a lot of times say: JavaScript is broken.

Well yes, I too believe that. We have so many methods to increase or decrease the size of an array: push, pop, unshift, shift, slice, splice, concat, filter. But, we don’t have a dedicated function to insert or delete an element at a particular index in an array. …

I am back with a weird hack. This one is inspired by a challenge on CodePen. The challenge was to make something interesting with tables. And one suggestion was to make it responsive. So I thought, why not give it a shot? And there I was doing something for nothing 😶. But it's okay. We should do that sometimes.

This challenge is pretty old for today when I am writing this blog. Actually, I have already made a youtube video but never got a chance to type it. But today, I am gonna do it. No matter what. You can…

Recently I revamped my portfolio from Vanilla JavaScript to Angular 7. Obviously, that in itself is a big change, but I also changed the complete theme AND complete look and feel. I am happy with what I have got at the end. The people on twitter gave me such precious suggestions throughout the process and it helped me make the portfolio so much better.

One day I tweeted this. I got such a nice response and was asked to write a tutorial on how to make it:

Note: I created this site using Angular, but I have not used…

Sakshi Shreya

Web UI developer in Edelweiss.

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